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let's define some basic terms 

What is branding? 

the perceived value and emotional connection we have with a person, place, or thing.

Simply, branding is perception management and the ability to imprint our identity onto the minds and hearts of a specific audience. 

In a marketplace of 9-second attention spans, relentless competition, and everything looking like a commodity, there must be something about your brand that holds customers captive and unable to resist your message. We call that state of intense focus, Fascination.

Branding is the art of perception management.
— Ron Bloomingkemper Jr

is your personal brand fascinating

What is Fascination?

Fascination is a neurological state of intense emotional focus. A euphoric state of intense concentration. When you are fascinated, you’re in the moment. You’re in the flow. When you fascinate someone - a potential client, a coworker or an employee - you become more worthy of attention.

How can you tell if you have a fascinating brand?

  • Is your personal brand provoking strong and immediate emotional reactions?

  • What about creating customer evangelist and inciting conversations?

  • Does your personal brand's visual identity create instant credibility?

  • Are you perceived as your industries trusted advisor?

Here's the deal. If you believe you have a superior product – and an amazing team in place, but aren’t experiencing the growth you desire even when you have competitive pricing, your personal brand could be holding you back, and you better fix it fast.

But, without a system for creating a fascinating brand, it’s a hit-or-miss process. Before you spend another dollar on your marketing, lets you and me chat for 15-minutes about your brand.



the benefits of branding

The numbers don’t lie. Amazing things happen when your personal brand can instantly capture attention and communicate irresistible value. Some of the benefits of a strong brand include: instant credibility, accelerated growth, increased word-of-mouth, retain customers longer, charge higher prices, and attract the best employees.

82% of respondents see brand strength as becoming increasingly important for key stakeholders, including investors, CEOs of target companies, lenders, the media, and potential employees.
— Pitch-book survey about sourcing private equity deal flow. - Reuters 2014

who are you

the catalyst = passion + innovation

Hi, I’m Ron Bloomingkemper Jr. I’ve spent the past 20 years as a brand strategist and professional graphic designer. In all of my years working alongside businesses from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations, I have learned many things, but one lesson continues to resonate above all:

We as solopreneurs don't experience the success we crave because we haven't mastered and consistently applied five fundamental branding and marketing strategies

Almost every frustration in businesses can be traced back to not applying one of these five. These fundamentals absolutely work for attracting the most profitable clients and keeping them well beyond the morning after the sale. I'm committed to helping you master and apply these fundamentals to build a brand that captures and holds attention so you can make a greater impact on those that matter most to you.

I promise to provide innovative branding and design ideas that inform the mind, inflame the heart, and help your personal brand spring into action.
— Ron Bloomingkemper Jr

what do you do

overnight brand transformation


The transformation that happens after one of our workshops is immediate brand alignment. You’ll have an actionable brand foundation, with crystal clarity about your message. You’ll know what makes your personal brand fascinating, and how that matters to your customers.




The first step to building a fascinating brand is to learn the fundamentals. My "How to Avoid One-Night Stand Marketing™ manifesto" introduces five fundamental branding and marketing strategies that create a solid foundation for attracting your most profitable customers and keeping the relationship for as long as possible. 

Yes! I want a FREE digital copy of your manifesto.



The Branding workshops


If you’re a network marketing professional without a brand strategy. Or a solopreneur, looking for a faster more efficient system of capturing attention and a better way to differentiate in the marketplace. We have the exact workshop to fit your needs.


online course for professionals


A crash course in you! Personal branding for the do-it-yourself professionals. This fast, easy-to-follow online workbook and video, will zero in on your unique personality advantages and help you create a tagline for your personal brand that will leverage your distinct differences. Customers will see how you add value and co-workers will “get” you. 


Online course for solopreneurs


Fine tune your personal brand with this all-inclusive online program that builds on your Fascination Advantage profile. As an entrepreneur today, you need to make sure your brand is consistent across all platforms and media. You also need to be recognized for your specialties—those things that you do incredibly well—so that you can continuously over deliver.


Live private group workshop


Stand out and attract ideal clients without spending more on marketing. This live half-day step-by-step brand discovery and strategy session combines the brain science of fascination with the 5 fundamentals of branding to help you build a brand that gets you noticed, remembered, and shared in a world of distraction, competition, and commoditization. 


what makes you unique

WHAT's our competitive advantage?


Most solopreneurs have limited time and money, but that doesn't mean they can't create an effective brand strategy that leads to immediately attracting customers. Speed is a terrific competitive advantage. Everyone needs better ideas faster. That's why you need a catalyst (a person and process that causes a reaction to happen more quickly). I solve branding and marketing problems in a matter of hours, not months (or even years). 

I've partnered as a certified advisor with Sally Hogshead, one of the top branding experts in the world, to exclusively teach her How To Fascinate program. It all starts by taking the Brand Fascination Assessment, a 28 question test that takes less than 5 minutes to complete. This test reveals your top brand advantage and what makes you different in your market, which is the first step building a brand that's impossible to resist.


have you done this for others

 "we accomplished more in four hours with our brand messaging than I did in 2 years with my last company"

Jake Corley, CEO Wellhub


call to action

build a fascinating personal brand!

It’s the moment of truth. Time to ask yourself how much it’s costing you not having a focused brand strategy that aligns your business, a crystal clear promise, an emotionally engaging message, a visual identity that creates instant credibility, and a brand people love to talk about.

Having these fundamentals in place creates the outcome of more profitable long-term customers that crave doing business with YOU!

Before you spend another dollar on your marketing, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Take the FREE How To Fascinate Personality Assessment

  2. Download my FREE How To Avoid One-Night Stand Marketing Manifesto

  3. Schedule your FREE 15-minute brand discovery call to uncover your needs