Q: What is the Fascination Brand Profile?

A: The Fascination Brand Profile gives you a shortcut to quickly learn more about what makes your brand fascinating. Think of it like a rapid-fire focus group, measuring how the world sees your brand. Your result will outline the direction that is most likely to captivate your clients and customers.

Once you have your result, schedule a phone interview with Ron to discuss The Attitude Adjustment™ Brand workshop. This step-by-step system will show you how to make any product or service impossible to resist.

Q: I’m an entrepreneur. Is my personal brand the same as my business brand?

A: If you’re the face of your company, then you’ll probably have a similar result. Yet this assessment isn’t measuring your personality or personal communication style, but rather, how customers and clients perceive your business brand.

Q: How can this help my marketing efforts?

A: Fascination is a state of intense focus. Yet in order to fascinate customers and clients, your team needs to be focused as well. It’s tough to gain momentum when you’re running in a million directions and losing focus. That’s especially true with small businesses or brands without a huge budget. Yet a small marketing budget doesn’t have to mean small results. In The Attitude Adjustment™ Brand Workshop I use Sally Hogshead's world-class branding tools as the foundation to kickstart you marketing system.

Q: As a new business, I found the questions in this assessment to be geared for a major established business. How can this apply to a startup business?

A: Most companies began as a startup at some point.  : ) Yet even the smallest and newest companies still need a marketing strategy to hone communication. Use the questions (and results) to look ahead to your key areas of growth.

Q: How is this different than The Fascination Advantage?

A: Our first assessment, the Fascination Advantage, measures personal brands, and how the world sees you. This one is just for brands. It measures businesses and products.