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the attitude adjustment™ pre-workshop


Before your workshop, we have a little pre-work to accomplish so our 4-hours together will be unbelievably productive. Remember, my promise to you is the speed of implementation, how quickly can we discover what makes your brand fascinating. To make sure we use our time effectively please follow the process below. There are four action steps that need to be accomplished before we meet. 


step one

what makes your brand impossible to resist? 


28 questions. 5 minutes. 1 top brand advantage.With 28 question, the algorithm measures how your business or product is most likely to attract prospects and how customers and clients perceive your business brand.



step two

Attitude Adjustment™ Branding Process

Without a system, creating a growing and strong brand is a hit-or-miss process. I wanted to give you a little sneak peak into the process for building a brand people can't take their eyes off of. This is for your eyes only. The Attitude Adjustment™ process is how we will discovery what makes you fascinating. 



step three 

How to avoid one-night stand marketing™

The secret to long-term branding and marketing success, which leads to what we all want, business growth and prosperity, you must learn and master the fundamentals. Download and read the manifesto.



step four

How to fascinate by sally hogshead

The greatest way you can add value is to become more of yourself. Listen as Sally Hogshead, creator of the How To Fascinate Program, talks about the fundamentals of how to become impossible to resist. 



step five

your trusted advisor message

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